アイコンMessage from Our CEO

We started our company more than 50 years ago in Nara, which is the largest producer of socks in Japan.
Our philosophy is “We share many inspirations and create a bright and enjoyable leg culture.”
We have been working as one and working day by day toward our happiness and social contribution with “ Peace, Sincerity and Mind”.

In order to achieve the perfection in everything such as planning ability, manufacturing ability and quality control ability, we have been working on relentlessly with ambition.

As per our planning ability, we have 8 designers in our office who plan and design over 5000 items a year in our office.
For manufacturing, there is a factory at the headquarters in Nara where we have various kinds of machines. And we can send out the products manufactured by them from Japan. Also, in China, they make 40 million pairs of socks at our 50 subcontract factories a year.
On December 2016, our full ownership of production factory, sewing factory and inspection factory were completed in Hainin city, China.(the total areas are 12,000m2) As per the quality control, needless to say about the headquarters, they check all the socks from the beginning to the final stage at our inspection factory in China. This is how we strive for “security, safety and trust”.

We believe that our mission is proving great products based on the idea of “produce in Japan” from the planning to the actual commercialization.