PRODUCE IN JAPAN プロデュース イン ジャパン

Harada Co., Ltd. has a history of more than 50 years since its establishment in 1965 in Nara Prefecture, Japan's largest sock producing area as a sock manufacturer. With the reliable know-how and technology that we have accumulated, we have established an OEM production system that can meet diverse needs from materials to design.

01I am confident in my planning ability.
We are particular about planning in Japan and always develop legwear that is at the forefront of trends. Please feel free to contact us regarding legwear, including products with excellent design and functional products.
02Design / Material
Since many designers are enrolled in the company, it is possible to design faithfully to your request through discussions. The planning office, which has the know-how necessary for commercialization, selects yarns, selects knitting models, and creates patterns while coordinating with a yarn trading company.
03Stable supply system
・Domestic production
Our in-house factory has about 70 knitting machines from low gauge to high gauge, and it is possible to plan made in japan products with particular attention.
・Overseas production
Based on our network in China, we will respond flexibly to your needs.