Hiper Fit

効率よく [健康の質]を高める。スポーツシーンに合わせた快適設定


WALKING体重:60kg 着地時間:0.6秒 衝撃度:90kg 体重の1.5倍 RUNNING 体重:60kg 着地時間:0.2秒 衝撃度:180kg~240kg 体重の3倍~4倍

One of the body parts that you want to prepare for sports is your feet.
The foot is a very small part of the body, but when exercising, it is the only part of the body that touches the ground. Since the soles of the feet support the entire weight and move the body, the burden on the feet is considerable.
For example, it is thought that if a man weighing 60 kg walks, it will take 1.5 times more, and if running, it will take 3-4 times more.
I think that care is needed only for the feet that are heavily loaded.

Running 足首の動きをサポート 負荷の多い足首部分と腰をしっかりサポート
Walking 歩行時の衝撃の軽減をサポート ほ先と腰をサポートあいながら足裏の衝撃をサポート
Training 足底の滑りをサポート 足裏部分と母趾球部分・土踏まずのアーチをサポート
Trekking 長時間の歩行をサポート 足裏と短小趾(たんしょうし)部分の摩擦をサポート

Medical Care 淑女のたしなみ 働く女子の足をサポートする機能カバーソックス

Line Up

Line Up

Medical Care 商品


Foot cover socks

Proposal of a foot cover with added functions as a care item for each problem.
Commercialized "difficult to get tired", "difficult to take off", "partial care", and "difficult to get stuffy".

疲れにくい。脱げにくいこだわった特殊設計 FOOT COVER SOCKS
脱げにくい 立ち仕事や動き回る事が多い方へ FOOT COVER SOCKS
部分ケア 気になる部分をクッションが集中ケア FOOT COVER SOCKS
ムレにくい 着用時のムレが気になる方へ FOOT COVER SOCKS